How to delete search history

There are two types of search history - search history stored by your browser and Windows search history.

When you type in a search box a drop-down list with every search you have ever typed appears. This is possible because of the feature called AutoComplete. Windows search history automatically keeps a record of your search in Windows Explorer. A history of your searches is kept on your computer so you can return to your previous searches.

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Delete history forever

To delete search history in Internet Explorer 9.0 and Internet Explorer 8.0, you should open the Tools menu and select Delete browsing history, then check Form data and click Delete.

To delete your recent searches in Internet Explorer 7.0:
Select Tools, then Internet Options.
Open the General tab.
Click Delete under the Browsing history.
In the Delete browsing history window, click Delete forms.

To delete history of recent searches in Firefox, select Tools, then Clear Recent History, check Form and Search history and click Clear now.

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