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How to delete cookies on your browser

Browser cookies are small files that websites save and store on your computer. Every time you re-visit a website, it will look for its cookies on your hard drive that could be a privacy issue as anyone who looks at the cookies folder can see exactly where you have been online.

Most cookies are useful. The use of cookies is essential for a wide variety of useful services such as free e-mail accounts, online forums, and e-commerce sites as cookies allow website to know your shopping preferences, what items you placed into your virtual shopping cart, your session details and any preferences you may have saved.

But cookies can also fill up your computer's disk space so it's a good idea to clean your disk space by clearing your cookies. You may also want to disable cookies. However, if cookies are completely disabled, some webpages may not be displayed properly.

Clear All History lets you delete cookies in most popular browsers.

How to delete cookies

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer 7.0
• Select Tools.
• Select Internet Options.
• Open the General tab.
• In Browsing history click the Delete button.
• In Delete browsing history window click Delete cookies.
• Click Close and then click OK.

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer 6.x
• Select Tools.
• Select Internet Options.
• Open the General tab.
• Click the Delete cookies button.
• Click OK.

Delete cookies in Firefox 3.0
• Select Tools.
• Select Clear Private Data.
• Select Cookies and click Clear Private Data now.

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