How to clear form AutoComplete

Form AutoComplete stores all information you type in web forms, such as your name or e-mail address, or search queries you type in your browser's search bar. Form AutoComplete helps you complete forms by suggesting possible matches. You can simply press the down arrow key and select the text without finishing typing.

If you want to prevent others from seeing what you entered in web pages or searched, you could clear the AutoComplete.

To prevent your browser from storing the AutoComplete history, you can disable AutoComplete. This article describes how to clear AutoComplete in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

For clearing AutoComplete in Internet Explorer 9.0 and Internet Explorer 8.0:

Select Delete browsing history from the Tools menu. To clear AutoComplete, select Form data and click Delete.

To delete one of your form entries, click on the form field and press the down arrow key, highlight the entry you want to delete and press Delete.

To disable the AutoComplete feature in Internet Explorer:

Open the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

Then open the Content tab and click the Settings button for AutoComplete.

In the AutoComplete Settings window check Forms.

In the AutoComplete Settings window you can also enable or disable the AutoComplete feature for the Address bar, this will disable the AutoComplete for the Address bar and AutoComplete for User names and passwords on forms, this will prevent Internet Explorer from storing usernames and passwords you type in web forms.

Clear AutoComplete in Internet Explorer 7.0:

Select Tools, then Internet Options.

Open the General tab.

Under the Browsing history click Delete.

In the Delete browsing history window, click Delete forms.

Clear AutoComplete in Internet Explorer 6.x:

Select Tools -> Internet Options.

Open the Content tab and click the AutoComplete button.

Click Clear forms to clear all AutoComplete form data and/or click Clear Passwords to clear passwords.

For clearing AutoComplete in Firefox 13.0 / 12.0:

Click on the Firefox button, select History and then select Clear Recent History.

In the Time Range to clear select Everything.

Open the Details list, select Form & Search History and click Clear Now.

For clearing form AutoComplete in Opera:

Select Settings and then Delete private data, then open the Detailed options dialog and select Clear history.

Monday, October 20, 2014
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